Leonardo DiCaprio made this little girl’s day with the ultimate selfie

Major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Series, and U.S. Open are often full of celebrity sightings because, well, they like watching sports live too.

Leonardo DiCaprio attended the U.S. Open to watch the men’s final match on Sunday wearing his signature sunglasses and hat. It’s a look handy for trying to blend in, but it doesn’t always work: One young fan leaned over the section wall separating them and asked for a photo. He could’ve said no, but he was a good sport and took the ultimate selfie.

Leo blessed a fan with the selfie of a lifetime. #TMZ @leonardodicaprio #leonardodicaprio #leodicaprio #usopen

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She also got to see Stan Wawrinka win his third Grand Slam title, so it was a hell of a day.


Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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