Killer Mike is selling T-shirts that feature the Wikileaks email that mentioned him

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Killer Mike is cashing in on the Podesta emails. The rapper took an email that mentioned him by name from the inbox of Hillary for America Campaign Chairman John Podesta and turned it into merchandise. He released two T-shirts and a hoodie on Thursday.

The email in question was released by WikiLeaks on Oct. 17 as part of its ongoing dump of emails related to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. His name appears 16 times in the Podesta emails. Understandably, the Clinton campaign was miffed that the Run the Jewels rapper was critical of the former secretary of state yet fully supportive of former candidate Bernie Sanders.

Killer Mike even campaigned with and interviewed the Vermont senator. He’s shown far less zeal for Clinton, save for the whole merchandise thing. Shirts will run you $28 while the hoodie is $65. The name of the clothing? “I don’t check messages.”

Message received, Killer Mike.

April Siese

April Siese

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