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An obscure Kanye West music video, pulled from the internet, just resurfaced

Here’s a side of Kanye West you haven’t seen before.


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A rare Kanye West music video that was pulled from the internet last year resurfaced late Sunday night on Reddit. 

“I Feel Like That” was released as a video B-side of sorts to West’s 2015 banger, “All Day.” The videos for both tracks were directed by Steve McQueen for an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Music of Art in July 2015. But “All Day,” despite being released initially as a single and performed at the 2015 BRIT Awards, didn’t make the final cut for last year’s real-time masterpiece, The Life of Pablo, and the video quietly disappeared. 

Less is known about “I Feel Like That.” The song came under scrutiny last November, when the internet played armchair psychologist after West’s hospitalization. The song was, for obvious reasons, interpreted as a clear plea for help. In it, Yeezus rattles off questions that sound like a version of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist, answering with the chorus: “I feel like that all the time.”  

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Nausea? Upset stomach? Hot or cold spells? Numbness? Tingling in parts of your body? Trouble catching your breath? 

For the full effect, you need to see “All Day” and “I Feel Like That” in sequence, uninterrupted, as West and McQueen originally intended. It’s a visceral, powerful experience, capturing West’s violent, emotional mood swings—from the brash mania of “All Day” to the the depressive anxiety of “I Feel Like That.” 

A self-described “Kanye superfan” is hosting the original video on his Google drive, and Jezebel has a copy from its original release in February of last year. “All Day” is still available on all major streaming platforms. 

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