Justin Bieber is doing bad sketch comedy now


Justin Bieber has been on hiatus from music for a bit, and he appears to be branching out into other forms of media: most recently in a cringeworthy Rudy Mancuso sketch as “Canadian Superman.”

Mancuso, a popular YouTuber who opened for Bieber on the Brazilian leg of his Purpose tour, has debuted a video titled “Racist Superman,” which plays out like a bad improv scene. Mancuso is the Latino Superman, King Bach is the Black Superman, and the two trade tired, outdated stereotypes about each other until Asian Superman shows up, with chopsticks. And so it goes until Bieber appears as the polite Canadian stereotype. There are no women in the video, though it’s not clear if that is part of the joke, too.

The sketch doesn’t offer any deeper truths about racism, and is also not funny. Biebs’ Canadian delivery is OK but he still hasn’t beaten his Between Two Ferns appearance.

H/T Stereogum 

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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