Dr. Evil Tells Fallon He Was 'Fired' From Trump's Cabinet

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Dr. Evil says he was ‘fired’ from Trump’s cabinet

‘I’m evil but I’m not a monster.’


Michelle Jaworski


The latest member of the Trump administration to get the boot is just plain evil.

In a new interview with Jimmy Fallon, Dr. Evil, the antagonist of the Austin Powers movies, dished about all of the evil he was involved with during his tenure in the Trump administration. He wasn’t the Secretary of Evil—that job apparently went to Steve Bannon—but during his time there he was able to get Donald Trump to incorporate some of his evil ways. For instance, the wall was all his idea (albeit not the specific build), and he bonded with Ben Carson because they were both evil doctors with “no business in being there.” But as evil as Dr. Evil is, even he has limits to his evil ways.

But now that he’s out, he’s got his future mapped out. Like many former Trump officials, he has a tell-all book in the works, but he’s also planning his own presidential run with someone who’s viewed as being almost as evil as Dr. Evil.

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