Cooking With Dog Chef and Francis

Screengrab via Cooking With Dog/YouTube


On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog—unless you’re the dog.

The dog from Cooking With Dog—a grey poodle named Francis, because, of course—passed away this weekend just a few months shy of his 15th (!) birthday.

For the uninitiated, Cooking With Dog is a Japanese cooking show that’s been celebrated on YouTube for almost a decade now. It stars a chef named Chef and her trusty sidekick (and English translator) Francis, and it’s perfectly charming in every way. It is unclear if the show will continue without Francis (or with a new dog, after the appropriate mourning period), but in the meantime, there are over 300 episodes in its back catalog worth your time and attention.

Pay homage to Francis by making one of Chef’s recipes tonight.

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Why we love ‘Cooking With Dog’
If you thought Iron Chef was the greatest cooking show, just wait till you see what Japan can do with a poodle.
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