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The ‘Cats’ cast has an uncanny resemblance to medieval cat paintings

Had these painters ever seen an actual cat before?


Nahila Bonfiglio


People are not fans of Universal Studios’ Cats.

Reviews have been flooding in since the film hit theaters on Dec. 20, and the reaction has been harsh. While most people found plenty to laugh at in the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, few found much to enjoy in the movie. In response to the terrifying appearance of the overly humanoid cat characters, memes quickly began flooding the internet.

One user drew comparisons between the cat’s startling appearances and the historically terrible depictions of cats from the medieval era.

“The cast of Cats as medieval cat paintings: a thread,” Twitter user @EmmaTolkin wrote.

What followed was a truly terrifying, but remarkably accurate, thread of memes.

Why were medieval people so bad at painting cats? Had these people ever seen an actual cat before?

Jason Derulo‘s medieval counterpart is my favorite. Why does that cat have a human mouth, and why—dear god why—is it screaming? Maybe it paid to see Cats in the theater.

These memes are strangely, shockingly accurate. Perhaps the people behind Universal Studios’ adaptation based their character design on some of this remarkable art.

The medieval comparisons were far from the only memes to be born from the near-universally mocked film. As people left the theater—presumably still in a daze from the strangely erotic nightmare they just witnessed—they immediately took to the web to voice their opinions.

“Anyone who is attracted to Idris Elba be warned: every time he meows or shouts one of his cat-phrases my entire soul left my body,” Twitter user @MsGeorgiaOQueef wrote.

If you haven’t already seen Cats, it appears to be well worth the two-hour runtime–even if only for the memes.


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