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Carrie Fisher’s original ‘Star Wars’ audition tape celebrates her legacy

A star from the beginning.


Samantha Grasso


Sometimes we just need positive reminders from the past to get through the sad reality of the present. 

As the world mourns the death of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, we can look back at the star’s early days, long before the original trilogy begot the decades of pop culture references.

In an audition tape uploaded to YouTube 10 years ago, 19-year-old Fisher tries her hand at the role of Princess Leia against Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo. Fisher and Ford’s scene depicts a discussion of the Rebellion’s plan to take down the Death Star. 

Fisher’s passion shines through the three-minute-long video between allusions of R2-D2 and Chewbacca, her version of Leia pushing back ever so slightly against Han’s pessimism and dissent. It was that kind of fervor that made us fall in love with Fisher through original the Star Wars trilogy and well after her career’s launch, and is just a fraction of her attractive personality that Fisher stans already miss.

Watch the video of Fisher’s audition below:

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