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Caption this: A meme of a young Cardi B

My momma said you gotta check out these memes.


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Everyone knows Cardi B is a queen. It’s a fact. Queen of serving looks, queen of welcoming baby girl Kulture Kiari Cephus into the world with rapper Offset, and queen of all the bops. But as it turns out, she was also something of a sassy, saucy princess when she was a little girl. Who knew?

Fans do, of course, because Cardi posts a lot of pictures to her Instagram account. That includes a ton of childhood snaps that offer a look into her life before the fame. We love her for this, especially since it looks like she really hasn’t changed since then, not one little bit. She’s still totally adorable.

But there was one particular picture that’s really blown up in the best way. It’s nothing complicated, but it’s made the base for one of the funniest memes featuring the rapper in some time.

After the photo began making the rounds online, fans began writing their own captions for the spirited young Cardi. She’s pictured with a comical expression on her face as though she’s about to tell us all what’s up, with one hand on her hip…just like that one tattletale friend we all had used to do. The memes usually start with “My momma say/said.”

Naturally, people had a field day adding their own snarky captions to Cardi’s photo, and they’re basically side-splitting. You can even hear them in little Cardi’s squeaky kid voice.

Cardi found the memes hilarious, posting one to her Instagram with the caption “Yaaaa annoying for this. Leave five year old Belcalis alone.” Belcalis Marlenis Alamanzar is Cardi’s full name.

She shared another favorite, noting that she was definitely a “smartass” like this particular meme suggests when she was a kid. We can definitely believe it.

But there are many, many more out there.

Absolutely savage.

Now, there’s a new thing Cardi can be crowned queen of, too: queen of the memes.

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