Breaking Brew: Bryan Cranston’s history with coffee


Maybe the meth business was the wrong choice for Walter White.

While Coffeemate’s non-dairy creamer may make coffee taste great, nothing beats the meth lab drip.

Just ask Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who starred in a 1988 commercial for Carnation Coffeemate.

The commercial should remind die hard Breaking Bad fans of the touching scene between Cranston’s character Walter White and chemist Gale Boetticher in the beginning of season 3. When the two scientists meet for the first time, Boetticher is a bit nervous, rattling off his educational accomplishments before showing off his elaborate coffee setup. To help break the tension, he pours White a cup.

“My God,” White says. “That is the best coffee I have tasted.”

Cranston’s commercial isn’t bad, but co-star Aaron Paul definitely one-upped him with this 2000 Juicy Fruit spot.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube

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