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Bill Gates’ YouTube channel is the heartwarming pick-me-up you need

It’s so earnest.


Chris Illuminati


Bill Gates is a billionaire paying it forward. The second-richest person on Earth and Microsoft founder seems hell-bent on saving the world.

Yet Gates is smart enough to realize that sometimes it’s the little things that give people a more positive outlook on life. He’s big on recommending books and sharing practical life advice with young people. It’s fitting that his earnest YouTube channel promotes a better understanding of the world.

A redditor came across the treasure trove of inspirational and thought-provoking videos broadcast to Gates’ 437,000 YouTube subscribers. He’s earnest. He cares. It’s downright heartwarming.

Here’s a recent upload to the channel, a video in which Dr. Max Roser shares basic statistics that describe current living conditions while explaining that the future doesn’t look as bleak as it feels.

The channel is abundant with fantastic content, including Bill Nye dispelling myths about poverty, a video tackling wild questions like “is the world getting better?“, and the literal smells of success.

Maybe humans don’t have as much to worry about as we all thought. All we have to fear is our individual lives coming to an end and mosquitos. Mosquitos suck.


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