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Justin Bieber rehashes the Kanye West-Taylor Swift drama in an Instagram post

The drama isn’t over yet.


Kristen Hubby


It looks like Justin Bieber‘s sunglasses didn’t offer enough shade, as the pop sensation joined the #KimExposedTaylorParty in an Instagram post on Tuesday showing a FaceTime session with Kanye West

Bieber captioned the post saying “Taylor Swift what up,” referring to the drama that unfolded between Swift, Kim Kardashian and West in July. West is pictured with a big smile, leading us to ‘belieb’ that Bieber is adding fuel to the fire by siding with the Kardashian clan. 

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While Bieber has yet to explain his motives about the Instagram post, the hashtag #TaylorSwiftWhatUp emerged on Twitter. People are speculating if the singer is just posting this to stay relevant, or even plotting to get the “in” with Kim’s younger sister Kendall Jenner.

Other musicians like DJ Martin Garrix chimed in on the drama, making us want a hot new track dedicated to the feud.

It seems like Bieber may have forgotten he and Swift were once friends, tweeting that everyone “should be as nice as her” in 2011. Oh, the irony.

Let us all sit back with a bucket of popcorn and wait for the next person to jump in on the newly hashed Kimye and Swift drama.

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