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The best slasher movies streaming right now

Take a stab at the best slasher movies streaming right now.


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Posted on Mar 25, 2022   Updated on Oct 5, 2022, 1:23 pm CDT

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Beware every bump in the night, don’t have sex, and whatever you do, don’t say you’ll be right back. Stay safe from danger right in front of your TV with the best slasher movies streaming right now. We’ve dug deep to find the scariest, silliest, goriest, and most important knife welding lunatics streaming today. 

Gather round and don’t answer the door. Here are the best slasher movies streaming right now.

Best slasher movies streaming on Shudder

1) Stitches (2012) 

stitches best slasher movies streaming

Clowns get a bad rap for being scary, but that doesn’t mean you should ever take a clown lightly. Certainly don’t wrong one. After Stitches the clown is killed during a horrifying children’s party accident, his clown brothers perform a ritual to bring him back.

This hilarious Irish slasher comedy is a gore-fest full of incredible practical effects, a smart script, and a clown to die for. Don’t let the promise of laughs make you write this off not worth your time. Clowns are funny too, but they’ll scare the hell out of you. 

2) Stagefright (1987)

stagefright best slasher movies streaming

Cynical slasher fans who think they’ve seen every premise known to man owe themselves a viewing of Stagefright. Michele Soavi (Cemetary Man) directs this chilling blood bath of musical theater gone wrong. 

On the night before a play based on a serial killer is supposed to open the director locks the cast in the theater for one final rehearsal. But when an escaped madman sneaks in before the door closes, none of them realize just how literal a “final rehearsal” will be. From the owl mask worn by the killer to the shocking murders, this is an underrated slasher classic. 

3) A Bay of Blood (1971)

a bay of blood

Gore films existed before A Bay of Blood, but Mario Bava’s 1971 classic is widely considered to be one of the first and most important slashers. After the murder of Countess Federica Donati, her family descends upon her beachfront estate eager for a slice. Instead, they, and a group of wandering hippies, discover her killer still lurks on the grounds. 

Beautifully filmed, with technicolor blood and stunningly staged murders, it’s easy to see how this inspired so many films. Still deeply scary after all these years, Bay of Blood holds up even by modern standards. 

4) Tragedy Girls (2017)

tragedy girls

Horror has a fine history of pointing its sharpest knives at society. The delightfully chaotic Tragedy Girls tells the story of two teenage true crime bloggers who decide to start committing serial killings for clout. 

Wracking up the dead and covering the crimes online, they soon find celebrities. Packed with creative kills, social commentary, and whip-sharp comedy Tragedy Girls is a thrilling romp.  

5) Them (2006)


Part of the mid-2000s wave of French horror (High Tension, Inside), Them smoothers the viewer in suspense before springing its brutal traps. In the middle of the night, a couple starts to hear sounds outside their home, only to discover a group of hoodied teens hiding in the darkness. 

The plot was stolen by the film The Strangers, but Them does it better, building a crescendo of dread that’s almost overwhelming. Bleak and cold, Them is the stuff of nightmares.

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Best slasher movies streaming on Hulu 

1) Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

willie's wonderland

Some traditionalists may balk at the idea of calling Willy’s Wonderland a slasher. We like to think of it as a film that turns the genre upside down. Nicolas Cage stars as a nameless drifter who picks up an overnight job cleaning a children’s theme restaurant. But when night falls the animatronic creatures of Willy’s Wonderland come to life with a thirst for blood.

Too bad for them the real monster is the Janitor. This psychedelic wonder of a horror film features plenty of action-based stalk-and-slash action, though most often against demonic puppet people. Is it unhinged? Yes. But it’s also unforgettable.   

2) The House That Jack Built (2018)

the house that jack built

If this list has seemed comedy-heavy, that’s because its darkest swings are soul-crushing. Lars Von Trier’s episodic nightmare about a failed architect who becomes a serial killer who uses bodies as his tools is a hard watch. Stunningly filmed. Brilliantly acted. Incredibly directed. 

But it’s also a tale of brutal violence and cruelty. It isn’t enough to simply kill one person, Jack has to hurt those around them. These pitch-black horrors are surrounded by oddly humorous and occasionally mundane normality. Visit The House That Jack Built if you like dark horror, you’ll probably only go once. 

3) You’re Next (2011)

you're next

Before Adam Wingard took the helm of Godzilla vs Kong he cut his teeth in this vicious, thrilling, home invasion riff on slashers. Viewers join a woman named Erin as she goes to her boyfriend’s remote family reunion one year. As the close-knit kin and their partners gather for dinner, a crossbow bolt flies through the window. 

As killers invade the house, they’re left to fight for their lives with limited resources. Except Erin might be more resourceful than anyone thinks. You’re Next is a brutal slasher, but the family dynamics add an extra layer of drama to the horror. 

4) The Collection (2012)

the collection

In the gonzo history of slasher movies, the Collector might be the genre’s most underrated killer. Combining the torture porn traps of Jigsaw with the stalk and slash joy of Ghostface, the Collector has left a bloody footprint on the genre in just two movies. The Collection, his second outing, follows a group of people who get trapped in a trap-filled house of horrors by the collector. 

When every corner of the room could hide a death machine, it makes hiding from the killer much more difficult. Over-the-top gore and cleverly ruthless death scenes are the film’s main selling points. But here it’s a big selling point. 

5) Almost Human (2014)

almost human

Two years ago Mark was abducted and disappeared. When he finally comes home he acts like a completely different person. When two of his friends look into what happened to Mark they discover a trail of dead bodies and terror from beyond the stars. 

Almost Human is a throwback to 80s sci-fi horror, with a healthy dose of slasher violence and tension throughout. If you’ve ever wished John Carpenter’s The Thing was a slasher movie, this film is for you.

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Best slasher movies streaming on Prime Video

1) Hatchet II (2010)

hatchet ii

In the mid-2000s the slasher was considered to be dead, and director Adam Green set out to revive it. His Hatchet series introduced audiences to the mutilated swamp monster Victor Crowley. While you should watch every short splatter-filled entry in the Hatchet series, if you only watch one, pick part 2. 

Hatchet II sees Crowley taking on a group of well-armed hunters in the swamps of New Orleans. Using every instrument in the tool shed, his own bare hands, and nature itself Crowley stalks and obliterates everyone who crosses his path. It’s a refreshingly fun, occasionally scary, hilariously violent popcorn slasher.  

2) No One Lives (2013)

no one lives

No One Lives works best the less you know about it. The basic idea is a group of criminals decide to rob a couple they meet at a bar. It goes badly for everyone. You don’t want to know more than that going in. 

So here is what you should know. No One Lives is a viscerally gory slasher film that lies to you. It’s also a lot of fun, blending home invasion horror, cruel plot twists, and compounding dread with ease. It was also directed by Ryûhei Kitamura of Versus fame. 

3) Dead and Buried (1981)

dead and buried

Dead and Buried is a psychedelic slasher with a final plot twist that will leave you reeling. Tourists are being murdered in a small fishing town and the local sheriff sets out to learn why. Along the way, he learns the awful truth about the people he trusts the most. 

Gore legend Stan Winston provided the skin-crawling kills, but the fairytale aura director Gary Sherman brings is the real star. A major 90s horror movie stole its twist. Part of the fun is seeing when you can figure out which one it is. 

4) Terrifier (2018)


Art the Clown has become a minor celebrity in the world of online horror thanks to his star-making turn in Terrifier. On Halloween night Art the Clown sets out to stalk three women, tearing apart anyone who crosses his path. With brilliant direction for its low budget and a deeply upsetting villain, Terrifier is an indie sleeper.

Terrifier comes with a very strong warning attached. This film was shot to be a love letter to super hardcore 80s splatter films. Its violence is cruel, over the top, and otherworldly in its extremity. But it’s so violent it becomes pop art. Do not watch this if you’re easily offended. 

5) Murder Party (2007)

murder party

Before Jeremy Saulnier devastated audiences with the gruesome noir violence of Blue Ruin and Green Room, he made this delightful slasher comedy. A lonely man gets an invitation to a Halloween party in his honor. There are costumes, refreshments, and even a human sacrifice planned. 

You can see the early signs of Saulneir’s gift for filming violence throughout this microbudget horror-comedy wonder. It takes a minute for the killing to start, but once it does you’ll be laughing and screaming in equal measure. 

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