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Ariana Grande restarts song during concert so fan can get it on camera

It was all caught on camera.


Brittany Vincent


We stan a generous and thoughtful queen. That’s exactly what Sweetener singer Ariana Grande was during a special show Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Grande ran through the album, performing “Sweetener” and “Only 1” for the first time and included bops like “Blazed,” “R.E.M.,” and “God Is a Woman.” She also received a sweet introduction from her fiancé Pete Davidson (also one of the song’s namesakes).

After launching into her new album’s first track, “Raindrops (An Angel Cried)” for her final song of the night, one fan frantically cried out to her even after she’d sang the first few lyrics.

“Wait, start again, I wasn’t recording!” screamed the fan, which you can hear very clearly in the clip Twitter user @majestcbitch posted.

Grande continued her song for just a moment, but then brought it all to a halt with a huge grin on her face.

“Did someone said ‘Start again, I wasn’t recording?’” she asked, about to burst into giggles.

“I listen! I listen. I’m like ‘sure!’” joked Ariana after stopping mid-song to answer her adoring fan’s request. She gave the fan a few seconds, which they hopefully used to get their mind and recording equipment right, and went in to slay her vocals once more. “Are you ready now? I’m sorry! That was funny,” she giggled. “OK, are you ready?”

The crowd responded with an uproarious “yes!” and Grande launched into the bite-sized song to finish out the set.

Fans were enamored with Grande’s sweet gesture. Even though it was at the end of her performance, she certainly didn’t have to listen. And yet, she did, making a fan (and the internet in general) happy.

Even people who don’t know who Grande is were impressed.

Others were understandably offended that this person chose to take a selfie when she was singing.

Honestly, could we love Grande any more than we already do? Probably not.

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