‘Zoom in on the nose’ is the meme for people who need positive affirmation from dogs

Things the internet loves:

  • Cute dogs
  • Positive affirmations
  • Wasting time

That’s why “Zoom in on the nose” is the perfect meme for when you’re feeling depressed or bored at work. 

It presents you with a pretty simple puzzle to solve. You zoom in on the dog’s nose to reveal a tiny message. This message tells you to look somewhere else in the picture, which directs you to a third spot that says something like “Hooray, you’re great and pretty!” It’s pretty much Blue’s Clues for adults—only simpler.  

Other things the internet loves:

  • Being snarky
  • Mocking trends
  • Drake

Hence, this: 

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/uniladmag/photos/a.352663588090040.76923.146505212039213/2622245554465154/?type=3&theater embed.]

But don’t let mean ol’ Drake hurt your feelings. You’re clearly a good person with so much to offer the world. Who’s a good boy? That’s right. It’s you.

David Britton

David Britton

David Britton is a writer and comedian based in Rhinebeck, New York who focuses on internet culture, memes, and viral news stories. He also writes for the Hard Times and is the creator of StoriesAboutWizards.com.