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This zombie film fan got more than he bargained for on his birthday

He’ll have the best kind of nightmares after this.


Rob Price

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Warning: This article contains strong language and may be NSFW.

I can guarantee you that Sam Ross had a better birthday than you did this year. 

Because Ross’ birthday fell around the same time as Halloween, his wife decided to capitalise on his “obsession” with zombie films and combine the two events, roping in a handful of his friends to put together a surprise party he wouldn’t soon forget. 

So how is coming home to find the love of your life and your closest friends transformed into ravenous, mindless zombies? 

“A bit real,” Ross gasped afterwards. “Just a bit real.”

H/T Reddit | Photo via Gianluca Ramalho Misiti/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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