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You’ll be mooooved by this snuggle-lovin’ baby cow

No one has stronger cuddles than a rescued animal.


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

The Santuario Gaia, an animal sanctuary in Spain, takes in plenty of unwanted animals: dogs, cats, you name it. It is also home to a different kind of rescued animal: the young calf.

And that calf wants all of the cuddles and attention that any other pet craves.

In the most adorable YouTube video you will see all morning, sanctuary founder Ismael Lopez gives the utmost of attention to the calf, which, according to the video’s description, was rescued from a slaughterhouse fate when it was just a few weeks old.

An added bonus to the video are the attention-starved dogs of the property that try to barge in on the cuddle session, and a cat that (of course) simply doesn’t even try.

Screengrab via Santuario Gaia/YouTube

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