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Grieving alcoholic writes Yelp review for liquor store destroyed in a fire

Feel the burn.


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No quality corner store should go unrecognized, especially in the event that it goes out of business—or worse—burns to the ground.

In a Yelp review making the rounds on Reddit, a former patron of a neighborhood liquor store paid his respects to the recently incinerated establishment. (To be honest, it seemed more like a front for money-making ventures other than serving spirits and smokes.)

“I think every town in the U.S. has one of these stores,” wrote CharlesJacobs in an Imgur comment. Indeed, the post channeled the collective grief of many a liquor store customer, as many shared their tales of similar businesses in their towns.

“This is making me nostalgic for the liquor store behind my old office,” wrote Redditor patentspatended. “It was the kind of joint with bars on the windows, that sold mostly scratch-offs. I would buy my Everclear there… It was beautiful. Not only did they not judge me for purchasing and drinking what is basically gasoline, they encouraged it.”

Nostalgia notwithstanding, the Yelp review was originally posted to Reddit by a different user over a year ago. The original poster, robinson217, immediately came under fire for posting the review that “someone” wrote, after users noticed the “Just Posted” timestamp on the Yelp posting.

Reddit sleuths identified the liquor store in the photo as a Modesto-area business, Serv-All Liquors, that burned down on Aug. 13, 2014.

According to the Modesto Bee, the fire originated in the back of Vigil Wireless & Fashion Ware and spread to the neighboring business. Firefighters said the blaze was caused when a piece of wall collapsed, causing a gas leak—again, in 2014.

The fire, as well as efforts to extinguish it, reportedly caused $700,000 of damage. And the epic Yelp review has since been removed from the Serv-All Liquors page. Ashes to ashes.

Screengrab via Modesto Bee/YouTube

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