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These YouTube videos are all the WTF you’ll need to get through the holidays

Nothing to get you in the spirit like utter confusion. 


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

This Christmas, treat yourself to singing cats, stripping Santa chocolates, and cockroach dinners.

It’s much better than watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story again.

Last year, we brought you a collection of WTF Christmas-themed videos that very disturbed users had uploaded to YouTube. Of course, that was merely a sampling of what is out there. We found an entirely new batch of videos that take aim at everything from Santa Claus to Rudolph to even Bilbo Baggins.

Gulp down some eggnog and settle in for something a lot more fear-inducing than a week-long visit from extended family members.

1. Jingle Cats: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It’s not Christmas with another sampling of the terrifying Jingle Cats! Watch a group of heavily-edited kitties squeak and meow their way through “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” With disembodied, spinning heads and even an exploding cat, it is perhaps the most horrifying rendition of the poem since the Rankin-Bass special.


2. Jingle Babies

Were you not terrified enough by the Jingle Cats? Perhaps their wailing human counterparts—the Jingle Babies—will provide you with sufficient, holiday-themed nightmare fuel. WTF is with that locomotive?!


3. WTF frosty

Once he burned through the royalties of his trademark song, Frosty the Snowman had to take a job shilling for a local car wash. Watch as a dopey area resident—who cannot correctly aim a camera—harasses him while on the job.


4. WTF Santa Claus

Moving Santa Claus toys are generally creepy. When one of them turns into a scene from The Exorcist—and keeps playing music—it puts a truly frightening spin on things.


5. Carla eating madagascar hissing cockroach

You can’t have Christmas without a hearty holiday meal! The brave woman in Dan O’Neal’s video forgoes traditional fare like ham and turkey for something a lot more disgusting: a live Madagascar hissing cockroach. Chances are, it tasted better—and had a more pleasant consistency—than fruitcake.


6. WTF is Santa doing to frosty

Santa is farting onto a campfire, freaking out Frosty the Snowman in the process. Admit it: you want this novelty toy as part of your holiday decorations.


7. Lego Hobbit Christmas Special

For two years in a row now, Peter Jackson has treated us to an entry in his Hobbit franchise each holiday season. In GyroStopMotions’ video, watch as Bilbo achieves the ring and completely obliterates Gollum—Lego style!


8. Rocky Horror Picture Show goes Christmas

When it comes to the popular Time Warp number from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Riff Raff, Magenta, and the Transylvanians simply cannot compete with a group of chocolate Santa Claus candies. Of course, in true Rocky Horror fashion, the lead Santa winds up “stripping.” Now, if only we can get those Hershey Kisses to do “Sweet Transvestite.”


9. Drunk Frosty the Snowman

We are really not sure what is going on here. It involves upside-down lips, broccoli, and “The 12 Days of Christmas.”


10. Drunk Santa

Billy Bob Thornton has nothing on this real-life Bad Santa! Watch as a very inebriated Saint Nick stumbles through a mall parking lot, relieving himself and also painfully falling into a car’s bumper. If he picked a fight with the Easter Bunny, the trifecta would be complete.


11. The Sexiest Christmas Funeral Home Ad On TV

Forget the toys and gift cards; we all know what you really want from Santa is a brand new casket! In one of the most disturbingly sexy commercials ever, watch as a funeral home uses the holiday to promote its business.

Screengrab via meowychristmas/YouTube

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