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They don’t call it a 17-point turn for a reason. 

Remember that scene in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery where he tries to execute a three-point turn?

There’s now a real-life counterpart.

The following security footage captures what’s being hailed as the worst parking lot exit ever. In it, a mid-sized vehicle attempts to exit a half-empty parking lot,  defying all conceivable logic at least a dozen times and nearly nicking three separate cars in the process. The whole sequence takes every bit of four minutes and is almost virtuosic in its sheer stupidity

It’s so laughably bad that redditors drew diagrams of the right and wrong way of exiting the lot, while another created a sped-up GIF of the whole debacle to save you three minutes of your day.


Personally, what I find most hilarious is how the subject actually distracts the viewer from the equally terrible driver on the far left of the screen, who gets absolutely nowhere on two attempts to exit.

Screengrab via YouTube

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