Here’s what Walter White’s life on Facebook would look like

One of Facebook’s unlikeliest users now has his very own Look Back video.

The social network was never mentioned during Breaking Bad’s five-season run, but if it had, it’s doubtful that Walter White would have kept his own account. He was a private person as a high school chemistry teacher, and if he had posted any of his victories as a meth kingpin onto the site, he would have gotten arrested faster than it’d take for Jesse Pinkman to comment with a “Yeah bitch.”

And he would’ve had to give up Facebook entirely during his year in New Hampshire.

Yet, thanks to the new trend of making fictional character and celebrity Look Back videos, we can now see Heisenberg’s victories and defeats in the form of photos and status updates. It’s not as dastardly as the real thing, but Walter White haters will find plenty to get angry about, even five months after the series ended.

This is probably one Look Back even Skyler would’ve never wanted to see.

H/T Vulture | Photo via jaroh/Flickr

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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