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Vlogger trolls his dad mercilessly with a series of ridiculous questions

It’s payback for the years of awful dad jokes.


Rae Votta

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All this dad wants is for his vlogger son to ask him an honest question.

Aaronisafilmnerd ambushed his father for a sociology project, asking his father some lofty life questions while on a drive. The questions are not to his father’s liking, however, and he begs his son to ask him a real, normal question. Something “relevant to everyday living.”

Aaron asks:

  • If you could go to one nightclub in the world, what city would it be in?

  • If you could live in any country in the world and you’d have to live there for a year, which country would you go to?

  • If you could get a million dollars but you could only do it if you were a bowling player…

  • If you could get a million dollars— [Dad interrupts]

  • If you could be an an engineer for any building in the United States…

We understand why the dad gets a little frustrated, as he tells his son he’s trying too hard. Maybe just ask your dad his favorite color? Or what he wanted to be as a child?  However, our lingering question is, why do this dad and his son look the same age? Freaky genetics and probably chemicals in our water, right? Those are the real questions.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via aaronisafilmnerd/YouTube

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