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Screengrab via Luc Bergeron/YouTube

Relive 2014’s Internet with this 6-minute viral video supercut

The Internet. Condensed.


Rob Price

Internet Culture

Every year, DJ Earworm releases an annual song mashing up the most recognisable tracks of the past 365 days into one, super-catchy tune. But really, it’s not pop songs that define our year—it’s viral videos. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, train selfies, mutant spider dogs—these are the key memories of 2014’s Internet. 

And now, thanks to Luc Bergeron, they’ve been condensed down into a single, 6-minute supercut. Drawing on 233 different videos, the Canadian YouTuber has produced something that’s part-music video, part-historical record—and totally catchy.

Desperate to know what a certain clip was? Every shot in the video is numbered, and a list of the originals can be found here. And if you’re feeling really nostalgic, here’s Bergeron’s take on 2013:

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via Luc Bergeron/YouTube

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