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Edit like a Hollywood pro with this $30 online bootcamp

Learn to edit video and create special effects for under $30.


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Getting behind the scenes of the entertainment industry has become more and more accessible with advancing technologies and professional programs you can use from home. At the end of the day, understanding how to navigate those programs is the biggest hurdle that remains. But what if you could learn the basics of producing, shooting, and editing your own content with a series of online courses? You can do exactly that with The Complete Videography Bundle, which offers courses from beginner to expert levels in more than five professional programs; covering everything from importing assets to live streaming with Wirecast. 

Maybe you want to make a solid side hustle out of the skills you’ll learn or maybe you have your sights set on the Oscars. Either way, motion graphics, visual effects, and moving titles are in high demand from indie projects and corporate videos. The eight lectures in the course will cover everything from opening the program for the first time to developing your first composition in the timeline. From there, you’ll be ready for the included Complete Adobe After Effects Course, an advanced set of lessons that will teach you rotoscoping, motion tracking, and video stabilization. These are the skills you can use to make eyes a different color, remove a blemish, or even place your head in a dinosaur’s mouth during a scene right out of Jurassic Park.

If you’re interested in learning how to edit scenes together, you’ll have access to courses in both Final Cut and Adobe Premiere so you can pick the software that’s the best fit for you. Educational tech guru Phil Ebiner teaches the basics of using Final Cut Pro through over 40 lectures in story editing, color correction, special effects, green screen, and exporting. 

Talking head videos make up a big chunk of the video content being put out online lately, but the final product takes a lot more than just talking on camera to get the polish and pace viewers expect. Learn how to use Camtasia like a pro through lessons about its buried functionalities.

The Complete Videography Bundle is available for $29.99 for a limited time and if you act fast, you can learn to create, edit, and export your own videos before summer officially begins.

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