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Unfollow Friday: Celebrities terrible at mourning

After some sudden celebrity deaths this week, Nimrod Kamer has come to reflect on the people he follows on Twitter. 


Nimrod Kamer

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Posted on Apr 11, 2014   Updated on Aug 17, 2020, 12:48 pm CDT

Nimrod Kamer has been called the “worst person on Twitter.” In this weekly installment, he unfollows the best people on the ‘net, the ones with 10K followers or more (fair game). He might loathe some of these people, but he is not in-loathe with them whatsoever.

When a verified person dies, many other verified people tweet their condolences. Not to the deceased or their families (since he or she already died and their families won’t be reading tweets), but mainly to the media to pick up on and read out loud in the following newscycle. It’s time to unfollow these death-motivated celebrities.

Lily Allen. Verified. 4.62M followers minus 1.

When grieving for someone else, first @ yourself, as Lily showed all of us upon Peaches Geldof’s death:

Allen “hoped” the family got to grieve in peace (nobody really suggested they couldn’t, even the Daily Mail didn’t bother). She ended by addressing the tweet to Peaches in a religiously awkward way, as if she could hear her. It was kind of like the Metro (the London daily paper), which assumed Peaches and her mom will meet again in an afterlife of some sort.

Tracey Thorn. Verified. 47.1K followers minus 1.

She ooofed it:

“Poor all of them” sounds like a curse. It only took her a few hours to get back to her #normcore self and tweet about MasterChef. If one uses the same platform to mourn loved ones and post seriously about MasterChef, then maybe its time to deactivate.

Fabolous. Verified. 2.75M followers minus 1.

Not a true fan:

Unfollow Fab. I don’t know what he does or who he is (his name isn’t searchable), but it’s actually really lame that he waited so long with the tweet-epitaph (#tweetpath) on the Ultimate Warrior’s death. Mr. Fab proved he never followed that career in the first place, using hashtag #NoTalkAllWrestle. Although, everyone knows the Warrior was all about #TalkWrestle, as you can see here:

Mike Roe. Verified. 3.02K followers minus 1.

Mr. Roe just went ahead and tweeted what no one was thinking to themselves:

I don’t think he was being cynical, just facetious. It’s a classic case of facetious phew (= facetious exhaustipation). Warrior Entertainment might haunt him forever for this.

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*First Published: Apr 11, 2014, 3:02 pm CDT