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The drama’s been there since Alabama’s star quarterback started dating Miss Alabama, an Auburn grad.

College football’s great rivalries often have an air of high, epic drama. Shakespearean, you might say.

And so it makes sense, sorta, for The New Yorker’s senior Web producer, Caitlin Kelly to tweet a version of Romeo and Juliet, reimagined as the Iron Bowl, the annual matchup of the state of Alabama’s two great teams, the Auburn Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

She does sure does have quite the cast to work with: Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his coach Nick Saban, Auburn QB Nick Marshall and his coach Gus Malzahn. And then there’s Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, who happens to be both an Auburn grad and McCarron’s girlfriend.  With all that raw material, Kelly put the Bard’s words to the sweet music of SEC football.

A partial selection from the prologue:

On to the drama:

Auburn and Alabama, who have combined for every BCS championship trophy of the past four years, began play Saturday at 3:30 EST. But Kelly, who told the Daily Dot she’s a fan of college football in general, but of neither team in particular, signed off before then.

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