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This interactive sheet music app lets you play with real musicians

Spice up your Instagram lives with your newfound skills.


Lauren Forgione

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Did you start off 2020 resolving this would be the year you finally learned to play an instrument? Or maybe you’re one of the many dreamers who put “learn an instrument” at the top of their quarantine to-do list. Either way, there’s a good chance your hopes were dashed by lack of motivation or frustration with your progress, but instead of giving up completely, give it another shot. You’ll find it so much easier to master your musical skills with the help of Tomplay, the interactive sheet music app that’s a total game-changer.

Tomplay offers thousands of classical, pop, and jazz sheet music works with backing tracks. You can learn and play your favorite songs on the instrument of your choice, accompanied by high-quality recordings made by professional musicians. Though it’s designed for musicians of all levels, the functionality of Tomplay makes learning music more dynamic and effective, offering the perfect environment for beginners.

Whether your instrument of choice is piano, guitar, drums, or nearly anything else, Tomplay’s got an audio track for it in its library of over 18,000 scores. The sheet music scrolls automatically in time with the music, helping you keep your place, but the best part is that you can alter the tempo to better match your ability. Meaning, you can slow the whole thing down to help you learn or speed it up if you’re looking for a challenge. Combined with the ability to pull specific pieces out from a track for practicing on loop, Tomplay makes it easier than ever to learn even the most difficult sections of a song. You can even add your own annotations to the score (which can then be printed if you like) to provide yourself with helpful notes as you’re learning.

Use it to teach yourself or use it just to enjoy playing your favorite pieces. You can record your session for playback as a learning device, to see if you look like a fool, or to share with the world. And once you’ve mastered a song, you can whip up your own topical lyrics for it and then use Tomplay to accompany you for a live jam online that’s sure to be far more appreciated by your followers than yet another TikTok video.

Don’t waste another minute of this dysfunctional year. Get the 4.4-star app that Piano Pedagogy Plus calls “a good choice for musicians who would like to spice up their private practice sessions.” A Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music: 1-Yr Subscription is on sale now for $49.99, a savings of 50%.

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