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‘If someone did this to me, I’m simply just stealing it back’: TikToker tries to get her late grandmother’s jewelry back after her grandfather gifts it to his new wife

She was able to get one piece back so far.


Cecilia Lenzen

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A woman on TikTok says her grandfather gave her late grandmother’s jewelry to another woman. Viewers want her to claim the jewelry for herself.

The TikToker, Olivia Joan (@oliviajoan18), traveled to Chicago to see her grandfather, 95, and meet his new wife, 76. Once she got there, she learned that her grandfather gave the jewelry to his new wife.

Olivia became a TikTok “sensation” earlier this year thanks to a series of videos showing off her grandmother’s vintage designer wardrobe, as Vogue reported.

In a TikTok video, Olivia said it was “really unfortunate” that her grandpa gave the jewelry away because she wanted to keep specific pieces. She explained that she especially wanted a Cartier necklace that she bought with her grandma in 2017.

“And now this woman has it, and I can’t have it. It means a lot to me because it was the only jewelry I ever bought with my grandmother,” the TikToker says in the video.

She said she also wanted the matching ring and bracelet her grandpa had bought for her grandma to celebrate their anniversary. But he also gave that to his new wife.

“So much in this apartment is moved and changed, and I got into a really big fight with my grandfather so I’m leaving early,” Olivia says while laughing awkwardly. “But yeah, it really sucks.”

The TikTok received more than 189,000 views on TikTok as of Monday afternoon. Olivia also shared the video on Twitter, where it received more than 382,000 views and 1,200 quote tweets.

In a comment on the original video on Monday, Olivia wrote that she was able to get the Cartier necklace back but not the other pieces. “I cried and caused a big fuss and I’ve gotten it back! But he won’t give me the ring and new bracelet.”

People said the new wife shouldn’t have kept the jewelry in the first place and that it said volumes about her character that she did.

“Keeping all of your grandmother’s jewelry says a lot about her character. She should have let you pick out something from the collection. This is hard,” one viewer commented on the video.

In reply to the comment, Olivia wrote, “And the worse part is she wears my grandmother’s jewelry in front of us!”

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“No woman would accept the jewelry of a late wife unless she had been coveting it from afar,” another viewer commented.

One viewer wrote, “that’s so sad :( If I were someone’s new wife I would want my partner’s grandchildren to have their grandmother’s things. so strange as to why she’d want their anniversary [jewelry]??”

Some viewers said if they were in Olivia’s situation, they’d try to take the jewelry back.

“I’d be SO tempted to just take the jewelry first chance I got!” one user said. But in a reply to the comment, Olivia revealed that the new wife keeps the jewelry locked in a safe.

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On Twitter, users were more adamant that Olivia should steal the jewelry.

“If someone did this to me, i’m simply just stealing it back. it belonged to MY grandma wtf. i’ll snatch it off your neck!” one Twitter user said in a quote tweet.

“If she doesn’t just steal all that shit before she leaves…” another user tweeted.

The Daily Dot reached out to Olivia via TikTok comment.

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