Arm reaching into hole in wall (l), empty room (c) and three friends looking into empty room (r)


Woman finds whole other apartment behind her mirror in terrifying series of TikToks

People want to know if she's seen 'Candyman'.


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Posted on Mar 4, 2021   Updated on Mar 4, 2021, 1:08 pm CST

When New York City resident Samantha Hartsoe decided to investigate why her apartment was always freezing, she was not expecting to find a whole other apartment hidden behind her mirror. But that’s just the magic of the big apple.


seriously never would I have expected to find this… and I documented all of it #mystery #fyp #nyc #secret #foryou #apartment #storytime

♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren

It started when she realized there was a breeze coming from her bathroom, a place with no outside windows and so, theoretically, nowhere for that breeze to be coming from. After discovering the source appeared to be her bathroom mirror, Hartsoe took the mirror off the wall to find the stuff of nightmares hidden behind it.

An entire room was located behind her bathroom mirror. Understandably, Heartsoe immediately called her friends to come over for back up. Less understandably, she also decided to climb right through the hole and look around.


TRULY a new meaning to a “hole in the wall” #mystery #nyc #apartment #secret #storytime #fyp #foryou

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Tying a torch to her head and armed with a hammer for self-defense, Heartsoe climbed through the tight space to go explore whatever nightmare world existed on the other side.

She discovered not just one room but an entire, empty apartment, complete with construction debris and trash bags scattered over the floor. Most worrying of all there was an unlocked main door, something Heartsoe quickly dealt with by securing the latch on the inside.

I too have seen Candyman and this doesn't end well
The Candyman secret room thing is making me cringe only because if the poor girl's landlord finds out about that extra space her rent's gonna like, triple
Ive seen this movie and the Candyman does not play. These people are too young to understand what tonight will bring.

Naturally, everyone who has seen the 1992 horror film Candyman completely freaked out when they saw this TikTok.

"Gen Z needs to watch Candyman, apparently" embedded tweet with the tiktok and caption "look what she found in her apartment"
That’s Candyman.  RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some were busy ragging on white people and our ability to make the worst possible choices when confronted with a horror movie type situation.

Candyman is trending because once again white people prove their only natural predator is their own curiosity.
This is why I love white folks. Only yall will find a portal to the Upside Down in your bathroom and decide to go investigate it.  Random black dude walking thru the neighborhood:  Lemme call the cops.  Find Candyman's Hellmouth in the bathroom:  Lemme check this shit out myself.

While others shared a little-known and horrifying fact—Candyman is based on a real murder, committed using a hole in the bathroom wall just like the one in the video to move between apartments. Apparently installed as maintenance hatches in places with lax building codes, such holes between apartments are rare but more common than you might think (as generally, you’d think the number of person-sized holes in the walls between apartments would be zero).

Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that while the movie Candyman is obviously completely fictional, the story of the murder that occured because someone broke into an apartment through the bathroom mirror thanks to substandard housing policies was true.
a woman named ruthie mae mccoy was murdered in chicago in the 80s by someone who came into her apartment through her bathroom mirror, the candyman movie is allegedly loosely based on it. lawsuit!!!

So it might be worth checking behind your bathroom mirror tonight. Just in case.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hartsoe and will update this story if she responds.

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*First Published: Mar 4, 2021, 12:22 pm CST