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System Shock 3 is bringing back one of gaming’s best villains

Get ready for your next confrontation with Shodan, insect.


Dennis Scimeca

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A malevolent artificial intelligence that’s been taunting gamers for decades is making her comeback.

The development of System Shock 3 has officially been confirmed, after a puzzle teaser for the game went live six days ago. Gamers quickly deciphered a puzzle to reveal the game’s existence, and then Shodan, the rogue AI villain of the System Shock series, proceeded to mock fans checking in on the site via text messages.

The original System Shock, released in 1994, combined role-playing game and first-person shooter mechanics to create an original experience. It also introduced Shodan, a homicidal computer program that over two decades since her first appearance is still considered one of the most memorable villains in gaming.

The third game in the System Shock series is being developed by Otherside Entertainment and promises to be an authentic experience, owing to key members of the development team. Paul Neurath, co-founder of the famed Looking Glass Studios is on the System Shock 3 team along with Robb Waters, concept artist on the first two System Shock games, and Nate Wells, a senior artist on System Shock 2.

Terri Brosius, the voice actress who portrayed Shodan in the first two System Shock games, is also returning for System Shock 3. You can hear a brief clip of Brosius reprising the role on the game’s website, in case you needed a reminder as to why Shodan is so damned creepy.

The development of System Shock 3 is still in “early concept stages.” While you wait for more details, you can familiarize yourself with (or re-experience) the game with an enhanced version of the original System Shock that was released in September on

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