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‘I cannot imagine making butter on my break’: Starbucks worker makes butter by hand after store runs out

'That’s dedication.'


Jack Alban

Internet Culture

Posted on Jan 28, 2023

A Starbucks barista is going viral on TikTok after churning her own butter during her lunch break to add to the mashed potatoes she wanted to eat.

This isn’t the first time a TikToker has gone viral showing off freshly made butter during a lunch break. A group of students in late 2022 posted a similar video of them making some with heavy cream and elbow grease as well.

Mariam (@peachiemariam) documented her process in the video, which shows her making the food in a Starbucks plastic drink shaker cup.

She begins the video by holding up what looks like a single serving cup of instant mashed potatoes.

“So, I’m gonna eat this for lunch. But there’s no butter so I’m making butter!” the Starbucks employee says as she shakes a cup filled with white liquid. “All this is is heavy cream and salt and you just shake it and you keep shaking it. And you keep shaking it even when you think you need to stop.”

@peachiemariam Taking “butter girl” to a whole new level 😭 #starbucks #starbies #target #targetstarbucks #fyp #viral #barista #baristatok #peachiemariam #targetbarista #starbucksbarista #starbiestok #baristalife #starbucksdrinks ♬ original sound – Mariam 🦋

The clip then transitions to her vigorously shaking the cup further.

“OK so it’s definitely getting thicker, OK it’s about to separate I feel it!” she exclaims.

In another cut, she sports bits of congealed cream on her clothing. “So I broke the suction!” she says as a way of explaining.

Finally, toward the end of the video, a glob of congealed butter can be seen inside of the shaker cup. “OK so it’s separated…so now you just gotta rinse off all the buttermilk,” she says, showing a peek inside of the cup which shows the congealed butter inside. The clip then cuts to a neatly sculpted piece of butter on her plastic-wrapped hand.

“OK now I’m gonna put the butter in there,” she says, showing the newly-made butter in a plastic container of what appears to be mashed potatoes. She stirs it around.

“OK, now I have like 10 minutes left so I’m gonna go eat this,” she concludes.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mariam via Instagram direct message and Starbucks via email for further comment.

Other users who saw her post were shocked that she had the energy to churn butter during her lunchtime.

“I cannot imagine making butter on my break I need to do absolutely nothing the whole time to rejuvenate lol,” one user commented.

Others wondered if there weren’t any butter packets for her to use at either the Starbucks kiosk or the Target it was located in.

Some users wondered about the quality of the butter, to which Mariam responded with: “10/10 took the rest home and used it for toast.”

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*First Published: Jan 28, 2023, 9:08 am CST