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Office workers find themselves in the middle of a ‘Star Wars’ battle

If you see Darth Vader approaching, let the Jedi handle it.


Eric Geller

Internet Culture

Every Star Wars fan wonders what it would be like if the galaxy far, far away invaded their mundane work life. Rémi Gaillard’s latest prank video shows us one possible outcome.

In Gaillard’s video, which despite its “prank” label is probably staged, you can watch an office worker find herself in the middle of an epic Force-user duel, a man who just wanted to leave a parking garage facing the ultimate villain, and a woman waiting for an elevator who encounters an Imperial search party.

If this is a genuine prank, then the look on the woman’s face when she first encounters R2-D2 is something to behold. She seems to back away from the plucky little astromech droid at first, as if she’s not sure what to make of him. Of course, R2 has a frantic message for her: The Dark Lord of the Sith is on his way. This is the face of true terror:

Rémi Gaillard/YouTube

Compared to the guy in the parking garage, the other two people in this video get off easy: The bad guys don’t bother them. When a Jedi hands the parking garage man his lightsaber and runs away, however, you know that man’s going to have a rough day.

Screengrab via Rémi Gaillard/YouTube

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