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Snoop Dogg got an elegant French manicure and we must honor it with a poem

Snoop Dogg got a French manicure. Here’s a ghazal about it.


Kate Knibbs

Internet Culture

Snoop Dogg received a house call from nail artists to give him a French manicure with black and white tips and marijuana leaf and dollar sign decals. The Snoopicure was posted to Twitter by Jezebel. 

Snoop Dogg gets a beautiful French manicure

— Jezebel (@Jezebel) February 27, 2014

What else is there to say? It’s such a beautiful moment. Clearly a thing this glorious deserves to be memorialized in the ancient poetic form of ghazal:


You may think just lady-rappers splash out with a manicure.

But Snoop Dogg’s fingers shine by design, with a French manicure.


His manhood’s stronger than the smell of weed, yet be assured

On Twitter, Snoop’s nails look fine with a divine French manicure.


Kanye wore a skirt, but we must dub Snoop gender-bender fuhr

Yeezus walks, but not to spas for a sublime French manicure.


Snoop’s love for looking good is pure, but his style is not demure

Which is why he looks so fly with a top-line French manicure.


What is next? A long sarong, an experimental coiffure?

Or will Snoop stick with what he knows best, a fine French manicure?


(Rhyming liberties were taken because Snoop once rhymed “Phys. Ed” with “ahizzead.”)

H/T Jezebel | Photo via Flickr/Jason Persse (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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