This new Snapchat trend is a wok of art

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Is this a brilliant satire of Snapchat’s content, or 2:17 of your life lost? 

The photo app Snapchat has been used as a platform for everything from dick pics to Rand Paul’s fully clothed declaration of intent. But there’s a new trend creeping into picture: Woks.

The YouTube user All Woks of Life recently posted a series of snaps involving wok puns. As with so many things on the Internet these days, it’s hard to tell if this is brilliant satire of Snapchat’s content, or 2:17 of your life lost. 

Did two friends get really baked and send a bunch of wok-ed up snaps? Is this wok art a critique of America’s appropriation of Western culture? The creators also have a Tumblr featuring the individual snaps, as well as an inspirational quote from “Bawok Obama”: “If you’re woking down the right path and you’re willing to keep woking, eventually you’ll make progress.”

Note that this is titled “All Woks of Life Part 1,” which means there could be countless sequels.

Photo via Chris Feldman/Flickr

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