Shiba Inu Photoshop battle brings together the internet’s favorite things

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shiba inu photoshop battle

Photo via Imgur

The helmet makes it even cuter.

Photoshop fighters, grab your crop tools. It’s time to whip up some precious remixes.

The latest hit on Reddit‘s r/PhotoshopBattles has people upgrading an already incredibly adorable picture of a Shiba Inu wearing a safety helmet while popping out of a hole in the ground.

Look at this little guy. You can’t help but smile at that mug.

While the picture itself is already amazing enough, redditors have transported the pooch into a variety of new environments. Many of them take into consideration the fact that the dog is wearing a helmet, editing him into situations where having the proper headgear is required—even if it’s for a fashion statement.

Here he is as a member of the Village People, the group that changed the world with its anthem “YMCA.”

Rumors are flying around that the Shiba’s going to be in the next Star Wars movie. Fetch the Force, buddy!

Playing Shiba Skywalker wouldn’t be the first time the dog has been to space.

Redditors have also put him into a slew of video games. From Pokémon to Animal Crossing, this pup is just a major gamer.

As for the most popular Photoshop creation, well, it looks like the tyke really did need that helmet—as a field medic. He might not know how to stitch up wounds, but at least he can lift soldiers’ spirits.

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