Sea lion just wants to play fetch with a zoo visitor

Sea lions are a perennial hit at zoos, probably because they’re basically aquatic dogs: They’re bursting with personality, they’re great at tricks, and they emit a charming bark.

But did you know that they’re also into playing fetch? There are some logistics to sort out, what with the whole living-in-a-glass-water-tank issue, but it’s nothing a clever mammal can’t overcome—especially when a human observer is game to play along.

The other great thing about sea lions? They never shoot vertical video.

Photo by Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Miles Klee

Miles Klee

Miles Klee is a novelist and web culture reporter. The former editor of the Daily Dot’s Unclick section, Klee’s essays, satire, and fiction have appeared in Lapham’s Quarterly, Vanity Fair, 3:AM, Salon, the Awl, the New York Observer, the Millions,  and the Village Voice. He's the author of two odd books of fiction, 'Ivyland' and 'True False.'