Belgian band’s outdoor jam brings out herd of sax-lovin’ cows

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Belgian trio Blow recently discovered a new fanbase.

The Belgian “sax dance” trio Blow is known to perform in white masks and black hoodies, and their setup is pretty spare: two tenor saxes and a drum kit. Live, their sound is a bit jazz, a bit drum and bass. Like any band attempting to raise their profile, they tour a lot. Recently, they discovered a new fanbase.

In this video, one of the tenor saxophonists is practicing in front of an open field before going on stage at a festival. The sound slowly attracts a herd of bovine, who casually flick their tails to the beat, unsure of how to process his free-jazz explorations.

This isn’t the first time cows have revealed themselves as jazz fans. These French cows were into it years ago. They’re into the early stuff.

Screengrab via Blow Trio/YouTube

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