Roaming gang of drunken Santas stops for a brawl on NYC street corner

The horror of New York City’s SantaCon is not adequately put to words. For one day in December, areas of the city experience some sort of dimensional warp, merging completely with what can only be described as a Christmastime bacchanalia in Hell. Armies of drunken Santa Clauses maraud down the streets, chanting “woo!” like a war cry, leaving trails of beervomit wherever they go.

Innocent children who happen to peek out their windows surely become scarred for life, as they witness scenes like this one, recorded late Saturday evening: Six alcohol-sodden Saint Nicholases bludgeoning each other with their fists, feet, and one taxi. Good luck ever working up the bravery to ask Santa for that puppy, kids. 

H/T Deadspin | Photo via YouTube

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris

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