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Rob Delaney, Twitter hero to many, conquered a new frontier Tuesday. Or at least he tried to.

Rob Delaney, Twitter hero to many, conquered a new frontier Tuesday. Or at least he tried to.

Starting at noon, Delaney took over Major League Baseball’s main Twitter account for seven hours. If you’ve read anything Delaney’s posted on Twitter, you’d guess that the move was somewhat of a risk for MLB.

It didn’t really pay off, at least as far as follower numbers go. At the time the experiment started, @MLB had 2,880,723 followers. By 4.25pm ET it had just 4,200 more.

Delaney seems to be a fan of baseball. He far prefers it to football, for one thing, and recently sang the national anthem at a Los Angeles Dodgers game. He’s knowledgeable about the sport, and, as one of the community’s most prominent comedians, he tried to liven up MLB’s presence a bit.

But “tried” is the operative word here. Trolling with trivia questions, as with much of the rest of the takeover, came off as a little dull. The jokes weren’t as outlandish as you might expect from Delaney. Granted, he was presumably asked to steer clear of sex and fart jokes, so it was a somewhat sanitized version of his usual spiel. 

We expected more from you, Delaney. But we’ll still follow anything you write.

Here’s a glimpse at Delaney’s stint as @MLB’s social media editor:

Hint: No one. The Boston Red Sox won that year. I know because I watched Lost.

He gave a shoutout to Brandon McCarthy, an Arizona Diamondback known for his wit on Twitter.

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