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‘Star Wars’ Episode VIII director tweets his crossword puzzle—and a bit of the set

Everyone knows the answer to 62 across.


Aja Romano

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Last week, filming began on Star Wars: Episode VIII. On Monday morning, director Rian Johnson casually gave fans the tiniest of glimpses at one of the sets.

Hilariously, though, it was Johnson’s copy of the International New York Times crossword puzzle that first caught many fans’ attention.

A closer look at Johnson’s photo reveals that the hint for 62-across is “May the ____ be with you.” As fans lined up to help Johnson solve the puzzle—because hey, it’s what geeks do—they quickly pointed out the serendipity at work.

But beneath the all-important crossword lies a console that looks like something you’d see on a First Order ship. The dark, minimalist look fits the post-Imperial organization’s overall aesthetic. Based on what we know about Johnson from his previous films—especially the modern noir Brick and sci-fi timetwister Looper—he’s a guy who really loves his aesthetic.

Though Johnson hasn’t shared any other sneak peeks, he’s clearly been having fun on set.

With Episode VIII not due to arrive in theaters until December 2017, Johnson is probably aware that fans will be obsessing over these kinds of tidbits until next Christmas. Hopefully, he’ll be giving us many more crossword clues in the months ahead.

Photo via rianjohnson/Twitter | Remix by Aja Romano

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