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PornHub wants to penetrate the Christmas music market

Prepare your…ears.


Marisa Kabas

Internet Culture

In the holiday movie Love Actually, multiple storylines seamlessly weave in and out like a motorcycle in rush hour traffic. Arguably the funniest plot point, however, is has-been rockstar Billy Mack’s quest to make his comeback with a twisted Christmas take on a classic song.

This holiday season, PornHub is a pulling a Billy and setting its sights on a #1 Christmas record with “Coming for Christmas.” The song features Brooklyn Blue on lead vocals, Ben Dover on drums, and Angel Long, Jess West, and Victoria Summers on backup vocals.

“Coming for Christmas,” the first single from PornHub Records, will premiere on Television X, a UK adult channel, at 10pm on Nov. 29. This teaser provides a safe-for-work taste of what’s to…come.

The few lyrics we can hear—“Let’s go sit on Santa’s lap. See what’s inside his sack.”—promise a plethora of sexual puns and orgasmic lyrics. It may not be the obvious choice for this year’s top-selling Christmas song, but if Uncle Bill can do it, so can PornHub.

H/T The Independent UK | Photo via Michael Coghlan/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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