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You know those dastardly healthcare providers have something to hide.

Planned Parenthood. You know those dastardly healthcare providers have something to hide. Luckily, pro-life Twitter users are here to uncover their dirty secrets.

Using the #ExposePP hashtag, Planned Parenthood’s detractors began by tweeting in favor of a pair of videos posted by anti-abortion group Live Action. In the videos, an actress goes undercover to a Planned Parenthood clinic in search of an abortion, supposedly revealing Planned Parenthood’s habit of “targeting girls for extermination” through sex-selective abortions. Both videos, it later turned out, are heavily edited.

However, pro-choice activists quickly found the hashtag and began to take it over, “exposing” their own experiences with Planned Parenthood. 

After years of standing up to budget cuts and bomb threats, Planned Parenthood has some very loyal supporters. The #ExposePP hashtag is now full of stories from people whose lives were changed by Planned Parenthood’s services, as well as some tweets satirising Live Action’s pro-life arguments.

And a few that expose Planned Parenthood’s real faults as an organization:

Photo via Flickr/cecooper

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