Paraplegic dude’s enthusiasm makes for the best birth announcement ever


It really does seem like the news lately has just been one downer after another. 

Could you use a pick-me-up? Yeah? How about in the form of seeing a man’s pure and utter bliss?

I promise the smile you are about to see won’t disappoint. 

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Why is that man so happy? Spoiler, it’s not just because he’s about to be a father. 

Let’s zoom out. 

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Yeah it does buddy. 

No matter what’s been going on in your life lately, how can you not be happy for a man who lost the use of his two legs, regaining the use of his third?

The couple, Amanda Diesen and Todd Kreig, met while Kreig was in rehab after he was paralyzed from the chest down in a dirt bike accident. Diesen worked as a therapist at the rehab center. The two were married in October of 2014, and two years later, this happened. 

Uploaded to Reddit, the high-fives were fast:

“I worked in a rehab facility and had a patient for like 6 months. One day he comes rolling out of his room, looking for me, and when he found me he yelled “it works! It works!” No other explanation needed, just gave him a big high five. Congrats to the couple, what a great photo.”

“quadriplegic here. 31yrs in. 19yr old son. the old fashioned way. no doctors involved for the deed. yes, there was a blood test.
doc’s said less than 10% of my sperm was active. i just kept busting nuts until i got me one.
congrats to you and yours.”

“Congratulations on your functional penis!”

We too here want to say congrats, because why not? Congrats!

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David Covucci

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