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Dude spends $1,000 to fight $80 speeding ticket

Justice is pricey.


April Siese

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A New Zealand man ambitiously fought the law and kind of won. At least, if you neglect to mention the $1,000 he blew on trying to get an $80 ticket dismissed.

John Croawell threw down to travel, wasting two years of his life and $1,000 on plane tickets to fight what he felt was an erroneous speeding ticket he obtained in Dunedin—over 1,000 miles from his home in Whangarei. Had Croawell decided to drive instead of fly, he would’ve risked even more speeding tickets and spent a literal day in his car—and that’s just going one way.

Croawell’s ticket, which he got in February of 2014 for allegedly going 11 kilometers above the speed limit, was eliminated and the case was ultimately thrown out on Tuesday. It had been adjourned two times before a judge just gave the fuck up because police couldn’t produce evidence—and, honestly, what a gargantuan waste of time.

“If you roll over you’re making it easier for those trusted with authority to hammer the shit out of your fellow man,” said the guy who hammered the shit out of law enforcement by forcing them to bear witness to a court case that, itself, probably cost way more than the $80 ticket and $1,000 worth of airline tickets he spent.

Way to stick it to them, Croawell! You really won something.

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