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Neko Atsume artist wants to turn you into a cat

Neko Atsume is life.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Neko Atsume, the adorable cat-collecting game that turned fish into currency, has struck (sardine) gold yet again.

The addictive mobile game has partnered with Japanese accessory shop Hamee to release a line of adorable cat butt and stretching cat phone stands.

Formerly known as Strap-ya, the company is rebranding and using Neko Atsume to get the word out. Hamee has launched a contest to mark the unveiling of these adorable items.

Up until May 26, customers who follow @Hamee_fun and retweet their pinned tweet will be entered to win an illustration of themselves from famed artist Otako Nekomura, who designed the phone stands. 

Three lucky winners can choose to be illustrated as a human, turned into a cat, or even submit a photo of their own feline friend to be Neko Atsume-fied. It’s perhaps the closest you can get to being part of the action, aside from feeding your digital cats and setting out digital toys.

Pre-orders for the phone stands are available, with items shipping starting on May 27. Cat butt stands start at around $8, while standing cats are $23.50.

Those in search of a more analog way to become part of the Neko Atsume universe can always tune into the real deal online at Cats Meok Bang. Art imitating life imitating art indeed.

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