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What this musician can do with a carrot, condoms, and a hose will astound you

Commonplace household objects make surprisingly beautiful tunes. Who knew?


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

You don’t need instruments, a choir, or even strategically arranged glasses of water to make beautiful music. One YouTube user found out that he could produce lovely sounds with almost anything, from a carrot to a garden hose.

Linsey Pollak’s channel is full of wondrous uses of household objects. For example, treat your ears to this snappy jazz number performed (partially) by an inflatable plastic soccer ball.

Or how about this medley, which comes to bizarrely beautiful life with a “carrot clarinet”?

Want more? Of course you do. Here’s a somewhat disturbing tune created with the assistance of two condoms.

Hopefully Linsey is nowhere near done making these videos. If he can reproduce, for example, the timeless romantic tune “Memories” (from the musical Cats) with just a carrot (or possibly a condom), he would do Andrew Lloyd Webber proud. 

Screengrab via Linsey Pollak/YouTube

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