This baby moose has an unlikely hero in a hatchet-wielding homeowner

Screen_Shot_2014-03-21_at_7.33.51_AM.png (1128×629)

A man and a moose have a moment with each other.

Without a doubt, the most inspiring thing you’ll see around the Great North is when a man and a moose team up to save the moose. 

Based on the story being told by this guy who helped to save it, the moose—by size, clearly a baby—was running through the unidentified, snowy neighborhood when it tried to jump a fence and failed, instead landing its hooves in between four of the wooden pickets. 

It took a hatchet and some mighty pulls on the moose’s part to break free, a turn of events that results in an intrinsically honest interaction between the man and the moose. 

There’s a certain degree of respect there, right? Like, “Thank you.” It’s beautiful.

Hope this moose learns to jump higher as it grows older in life. 

Photo via ShadoHHR/YouTube

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