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Mom allegedly tries to sell son’s butt plug as cat toy on Craigslist

Can you tell the difference?


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

People say that cats are assholes, and now we have the proof: There’s no reliable way to tell the difference between a toy designed for a feline and one meant for a human rectum.

“Unused cat toy – $5 (Vancouver)” is likely a joke Craigslist post, but it’s destined to live on regardless. And something in its air of simple innocence just makes us want to believe. 


Alas, this is a variation on a butt plug meme is as old as time itself—by which I mean it dates back to late 2014.

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In hindsight, the “fairly large” size specification did seem kind of cheeky. But the ad’s real failure is on the pricing end: Wolf tail butt plugs sell for way more than $5. 

Photo via @glitteratty/Twitter

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