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Young Minecraft fanatic gets the bedroom makeover of a lifetime

The ultimate present for a Minecraft fan.


Dennis Scimeca

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A child obsessed with Minecraft can now take that world with him into the real world every night courtesy of his amazing family.

Everything in this young boy’s Minecraft room was built by his mother and his aunt, other than two plastic light-up torches on the wall from ThinkGeek and a plush Creeper doll. The quilt is handmade, and all the painting was done custom.

Reddit user Azurite222 shared some notes from his cousin, who was responsible for the room’s construction.

“The wall was painted, and it took from about 7pm until nearly 6am, including measuring/drawing/painting the 8×10 grid,” she wrote. “It’s by no means done freehand…every square was masked off.”

Minecraft fans ought to recognize the colors on the quilt on the bed. It’s a pretty accurate recreation of how beds look in the game.

“The quilt is handmade,” Azurite222 wrote. “I’m a quilter, so I bought the fabric and cut out all the squares, then laid it out and moved them around until it was close-ish to the bed from Minecraft.”

The wooden chest at the foot of the bed is what you get in Minecraft when you lay two smaller chests side-by-side. It also looks really accurate.

“The chest is a basic wooden chest that I bought from Kijiji,” said Azurite222. “I sanded it down and painted it myself. Again, a ton of masking tape and an entire day spent working on it in the basement (complete with a ‘Stay out of the basement’ sign).”

Finally, take a look at the painting of the pig on the right side of the frame. That’s only one of five pictures that were painted for the room. There are also canvases of a Creeper, Enderman, a sheep, and Steve, the default avatar that Minecraft players are given when they start a new game.

The Daily Dot reached out for pictures of the other canvases, but did not hear back in time for publication. Even the one picture we have is impressive, however. We wonder how many children are going to get ideas from this picture—and how many more parents will find themselves sanding off wooden chests and quilting blankets.

Photo via trec_lit/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Fernando Alfonso III

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