What if Mike Pence were secretly Race Bannon from ‘Jonny Quest’?

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Like it or not, Mike Pence has an absolutely iconic look. The perfectly coifed silver hair. The stern, rigid face. It is unambiguously him.

Or is it?

Back in July, one YouTuber noticed a serious similarity between Pence and a certain secret agent from a 1960s cartoon show.

That Pence–err, Race Bannon–who travels around the world dispensing (dis-pence-ing?) Republican contenders for president and Democratic operatives.

Roger T. “Race” Bannon was the Intelligence One agent dispatched to protect scientist Dr. Quest and his son Jonny as they globe-trotted through one adventure after another, all while doing secret research for the government.

If you believe the Fake History macros cropping up on Reddit this week, he may also be our current vice president.

Image via Meme Economy/Reddit

Image via Jon Bovi/Know Your Meme

Image via Dank Memes/Reddit

Image via Dank Memes/Reddit


Image via Dank Memes/Reddit


Mike Pence is Race Bannon Image via Dank Memes/Reddit

Is that Race Bannon or is that Mike Pence? You decide.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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